Shashwath Santosh is a designer and researcher based in New York. Previously at Doris Dev.



Mobile App designed for unique "stooping" culture in NYC. Designed to turn New York City into a playground by enabling users to  rescue items that have been abandoned on the streets.

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UI/ UX, Design Research

Desires of My Microwave

Worked with engineers and creative technologists to turn my microwave into all the machines it may want to be. I began by turning it into a calculator.

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Object Design, Multi-disciplinary Collaboration

Open Source Salt Battery

This battery is designed with found objects, trash, scrap metal and powered by salt. It can charge your phone too. 

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Object Design, Research, World Building

Futures for Times Square

Manhattan’s geographic diversity has given rise to genetically distinct varieties of rats. A brutal turf war between the uptown and downtown rats unfolds at Times Square.

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Design Futures, Research, World Building

Turnip Architecture for Deer

Turnips are machined to create a tetrahedral joinery system which are attached to standardized lengths of wooden twigs to create play structures for wild deer.  

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Design Futures, Research, World Building

Climate Controlled Picnic Basket for Dosa

The machine is designed to be handled by 2 people, to be taken into restaurants, and receive their orders for a dimensioned dosa with care.

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Object Design,  Research, World Building

Quantum Brownies

Worked with IBM engineers & scientists to make brownie recipes with their quantum computers. Proposed applications for this tech to IBM team in New York.

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Design Futures, Research, World Building

Seating Device Collection

An archive of designed objects and smaller works brought into the world by Shashwath Santosh in collaboration with Krithi Nalla.

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Object Design, Critical Thinking

Work Experience: Doris Dev

A market-oriented design agency in Brooklyn, where I worked with clients in the consumer products industry.

User Experience Design, Industrial Design