Shashwath Santosh is a designer based in New York. Currently at Google Creative Lab.



Shashwath Santosh is a designer based in New York with a background in industrial design.  After receiving a BFA in Product Design from Parsons School of Design, New York, he is currently experimenting with imaginations and fictions around emerging technology with the Google Creative Lab, New York.

Independently, his studio work converges design with critical thought and speculation. He uses projects to pose questions and stretch imagination; this has got him the opportunity to work with the likes of IBM Quantum, CRED Bank, The Times Square Alliance, and the Designed Realities Lab, New School.

Personal Work Featured on:
Dezeen, London, 2023
Yanko Design, New York, 2023
MOLD Magazine, New York, 2023
Creative Applications Network, Berlin, 2023, San Francisco, 2023
UAAD Magazine, New York, 2023
Alt-Alterity, New York, 2023
Parsons School of Design Spotlight, New York, 2023
Pink Essay, New York, 2023
Homegrown In, Delhi, 2023
The Near Future Laboratory Podcast, 2023

Microscope Gallery, New York, 2022
The New School Spotlight, New York, 2022
Hold a Space for Me, New York, 2022
Coeval Magazine, Milan, 2022

Lokayata Gallery, Delhi, 2021
Homegrown Voices, Mumbai, 2021

Kaalpadukal, Dubai, 2020
The New Indian Express, Kochi, 2020
Homegrown In, Delhi, 2020

Commercial Work Featured on:
The Verge, 2023
Wired, 2023
BBC, 2023
CNBC, 2023
Tech Crunch, 2023
CNET, 2023
Bloomberg, 2023
Hard Fork Podcast, 2023
The New York Times, 2023 
Business Insider, 2023

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