Shashwath Santosh is a designer and researcher based in New York. Previously at Doris Dev.



Shashwath Santosh is a designer based in New York with a background in industrial design.  After reciveing a BFA in Product Design from Parsons School of Design, New York, he is currently experimenting with imaginations and fictions around emerging technology at The Google Creative Lab, New York.

Independently, his studio work converges design with critical thought and speculation. He uses projects to pose questions and stretch imagination; this has got him the opportunity to work with the likes of IBM Quantum, CRED Bank, The Times Square Alliance, and the Designed Realities Lab, New School.

Things I am working on
at the moment:

Designing the hardware and experience of pocket machine. Directing a transcontinental team of 4 professionals across UX design, strategy, software development, electronic engineering and manufacturing to prepare feasible MVP 

More Coming Soon

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