Shashwath Santosh is a designer based in New York. Currently at Google Creative Lab.



Desires of
My Microwave 

Designer, Collaborator


As a designer drawing inspiration from post-human critical theories such as Object Oriented Ontology, I was interested in separating form and function and examining how objects influence each other solely on their affordances.


To turn my microwave into a fully functional calculator that could perform mathematical operations using only its existing buttons.

FIG 03. Reaching out to Engineers

FIG 04. Communicating to Non-Designers

FIG 05. Planning and Research 


Opening a microwave is dangerous due to the high-voltage capacitors inside. To ensure safety, I had an electronic engineer supervise the discharge of the circuit before reprogramming it.

With the assistance of a creative technologist, I developed a custom Arduino circuit to power the microwave's new arithmetic brain.


A microwave has multiple buttons and functions that are already similar to those on a calculator, such as addition, subtraction, and a clear button. To me, a microwave was always a calculator that is waiting to be unlocked.


I went to Whole Foods to buy groceries, and I brought my microwave to add up my grocery bill and heat up some food after. When I arrived, I found that the microwave conveniently fit into the shopping cart, which made it easy to transport around the store.


Adding grow lights to my Microwave to help plants grow. All after removing the heating of course.

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Research under the guidance of:
Allan Wexler, Award Winning Artist + Designer

Special thanks to:
Creative Technologist: Krithi Nalla
Electronic Engineer: Usama Mughal
Programmer: Usama Mughal
Studio Photography: Arjun Sivaprakasam
Lighting: Arjun Sivaprakasam